Challenge and Innovation Forum Qatar 2021

The Challenge and Innovation Forum (CIF), is considered a unique event in the region. It includes a number of competitions, events, and interactive science programs aimed at motivating and encouraging inventors, from all over the world, to participate in this huge event.  Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the hosting country.

CIF will present a number of projects that reflect the roles of research, development and innovation in achieving a knowledge-based economy.

The forum will also contribute to directing the attention of the international community to learning more about the latest developments in the fields of innovation and modern technologies. In addition, to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with a number of participations and achievements of the youth.

The idea of the competition is based on the participation of all innovators who have been accepted, whereby their individual inventions will be presented during the dedicated exhibition, which will happen during the first two days of the event.

The innovators then will be divided into groups, in order to take part in the Hackathon competition, which will happen during the last two days of the event.

The forum will also include a number of activities, such as an exhibition for furturistic and intelligence devices, workshops to attract and motivate young to get involved in the fields of science and innovation, and much more.


Individual Competition

Two days competition where inventors compete against each other.

Group Competition

Two days hackathon-style competition where groups compete against each other.

Future Inventors’ Exhibition

Inventors, 18 years old and younger, will have the chance to showcase thier inventions to the world.

Futuristic Devices Exhibition

Exhibition dedicated to showcase smart, intelligent, interactive, and futuristic devices.

Technology Exhibition

Exhibition dedicated to tech companies and startups in Qatar to present their latest technologies and services.


Tech and business workshops will take place throughout the event for FREE.

International Intellectual Property Organizations

The event is supported by many International IP organizations, it will be a great chance to network and connect.

Recreational Activities

Participating inventors will have the chance to explore Qatar in organized trips, and see the fun and entrainment side.

Logo Rationale

The logo was based on the shape of the half-brain, illustrated in an abstract manner, and was inspired by the concept of the slogan “With The Mind, We Untie The Knots.

The network lines connected in a complex manner, while the light blue line shows a starting of a solution (untie) these knots.

Colors show the multiplicity and overlap of ideas and represent pathways to solutions and diversity of outcomes

CIFQ 2021 Logo