Group Competition

Doha Oasis for Innovation 2019 – Group Competition

The group, also known as Hackathon, competition is where a group of individuals inventors will be put together in groups, and they have to work together and compete against other groups to solve a problem or develop a scientific project from idea to prototype, within 48 hours.

This will take place in the labs and workshops of the Qatar Scientific Club.

What are the terms to join the competition?

  1. Must be able to work in a group.
  2. Be able to implement ideas, all the way to physical prototypes, within 48 hours.

What are the goals of the group (Hackathon) competition?

  1. Help individual inventors meet and share their knowledge and experiences.
  2. Create competitive atmosphere.
  3. Work as a team to create creative ideas.
  4. Teach the youth on how to develop and invent new ideas from concept all the way to physical prototype.
  5. Teach the participants the concepts of entrepreneurship.

Up to

1st Team cash prize

Up to

2nd Team cash prize

Up to

3rd Team cash prize

Up to

As funding for selected projects to continue beyond the competition