Individual Competition

Doha Oasis for Innovation 2019 – Individual Competition

The individual competition will be held on the first two days, during which the inventions will be showcased in a dedicated booth for each inventor.

These inventions will be reviewed and evaluated by a jury of experts.

All winners will receive an honorary medal according to the following:

  • Platinum medal: score from 90 to 100 points.
  • Gold medal: score from 80 to 89 points.
  • Silver medal: score from 70 to 79 points.
  • Bronze medal: score from 60 to 69 points.

What are the terms to join the competition?

  1. You must have a granted patent, or a deposit number of a patent, or its equivalent, for the invention you are submitting for participation.
  2. A physical prototype of the submitted project must be available, and be available to be shipped to Qatar, if you get accepted.

What are the goals of the individual competition?

  1. Raise awareness of the importance of innovation on both the local and international levels.
  2. Encourage the youth to innovate and show their talents.
  3. Provide a platform for youth to participate and compete in international fairs.

Up to

1st Place cash prize

Up to

2nd Place cash prize

Up to

3rd Place cash prize

Up to

4th Place cash prize

Up to

5th Place cash prize